number of cryptos: 21 market cap: 841,006,858,510 last Update: 2021-06-16 05:46:53(Greenwich) Currency : U.S. $
a Vision of cryptocurrencies as Store of Value
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IDCurrent PriceIf IT was BitcoinGapGap TodayMarket CapMax SupplyATH
bitcoin 40,524.0000It's Bitcoin!0%0%759,805,000,00021,000,000 btc64,805.00
cardano 1.570018.911,204.54%-0.09%50,512,300,00045,000,000,000 ada2.45
bitcoin-cash 627.100040,524.006,462.13%0.17%11,762,200,00021,000,000 bch3,785.82
litecoin 175.210010,131.005,782.20%-0.27%11,726,800,00084,000,000 ltc410.26
bitcoin-cash-sv 169.160040,524.0023,956.00%0.05%3,173,850,00021,000,000 bsv489.75
decred 140.470040,524.0028,848.90%-0.57%1,830,650,00021,000,000 dcr247.35
dash 173.170044,979.1025,973.90%-0.34%1,773,120,00018,920,000 dash1,493.59
zilliqa 0.109340.5237,083.40%-1.25%1,326,400,00021,000,000,000 zil0.26
zencash 89.300040,524.0045,379.60%-6.03%1,000,440,00021,000,000 zen165.92
digibyte 0.058640.5269,167.80%-0.13%844,176,00021,000,000,000 dgb0.18
ravencoin 0.077040.5252,654.60%-0.22%692,684,00021,000,000,000 rvn0.29
verge 0.028851.40178,608.00%-0.49%473,506,00016,555,000,000 xvg0.26
syscoin 0.58941,357.76230,378.00%-0.99%360,445,000888,000,000 sys1.14
tomochain 2.900012,112.80417,683.00%1.21%235,891,000100,000,000 tomo3.05
komodo 1.58003,712.06234,941.00%2.05%199,429,000200,000,000 kmd11.54
bytecoin 0.00085.36712,062.00%7.19%142,087,000184,470,000,000 bcn0.15
zcoin 4.520018,062.50399,612.00%0.00%50,869,00021,400,000 xzc139.77
hshare 0.90255,785.25641,006.00%14.95%40,557,60084,000,000 hc37.13
beam 0.5666945.30166,847.00%-2.94%38,915,500262,800,000 beam10.03
groestlcoin 0.23141,884.75814,343.00%0.00%17,428,500105,000,000 grs2.60
metaverse-etp 0.11031,321.461,198,350.00%0.00%8,580,370100,000,000 etp5.56

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