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Whoever enters the world of cryptocurrency generally has knowledge of and buys only Bitcoins, or because it is the only currency that he is aware of or simply because this currency is perceived as being the most reliable. Among the many definitions of Bitcoin, there is the one such as digital gold due to its yellow metal color, which cannot be extracted indefinitely (sooner or later every mine will be drained). So, even this cryptocurrency will reach a maximum limit in the production of its coins, called max-supply.

Once this limit is reached, which is 21 million, it will no longer be possible to extract further ones. However, some buyers can decide to venture into the world of buying other cryptocurrencies called alt-coins which are now almost a thousand of them. The temptation, in this case, is to buy the cheapest alt-coins, with the hope that they will have a greater margin of growth than those that are more expensive and Bitcoin itself, however, the parameters that influence the price of a cryptocurrency are different (marketing, speculation, innovation, eco-system, distribution, security, circulating Supply and, of course, max-supply).

This website will try to evaluate the potential of altcoins, based on their max-supply and the current value of Bitcoin, which is considered the goal that every other alt-coin will try to reach.

As you can see on our homepage, the max-supply of Bitcoin is 21 millions, as well as the coins originating from its fork, bitcoin-cash, and bitcoin-sv, while the other alts have different max-supplies, some are close to 21 millions while the others are very distant:

Dash 18,900,000

Litecoin 84,000,000

Ravencoin 21,000,000,000

Cardano 45,000,000,000

With a simple calculation, we can illustrate what the price of a Bitcoin could be . If it had the same max-supply of the alt-coins taken into consideration, this value will be shown in the "If IT was Bitcoin" field.

We could also state that this field indicates to us exactly how much an alt-coin "If IT was Bitcoin" would be worth.

It must be stated that some cryptocoins such as ether (ethreum), ether classic (ethreum classic), EOS, Tron... do not have max-supplies, therefore, it will not allow us to analyze them (see why-miss-some-coins.php).

Finally, in order to measure the distance between the price of these altcoins and the value indicated in the "If IT was Bitcoin" field, we will use the GAP% field, which is the percentage of the ratio between the "If IT was Bitcoin" field and the "current price" of the altcoin under consideration (see gap-field.php).


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